Getting fitted for a wedding dress can be a lot of fun – what girl wouldn’t love parading around in gorgeous gowns while being waited on by shop attendants? Here are some tips that you can keep in mind for your wedding dress fitting, to make sure that it goes as well as possible.

What to Bring With You to Your Wedding Dress Fitting?

Of course, one of the most important things to bring with you to your wedding dress fitting is the lingerie that you plan to wear. You will need it so that you can make sure that your dress fits correctly overtop of it. Bring the accessories, such as headpiece, jewellery and shoes that you plan to wear with your dress to the fitting so that you can see how the entire look works together. You might want to also bring with you a photo of what your wedding day hairstyle will look like, so that you can imagine which gown will look the best with your hair. Of course, don’t forget to bring a friend or family member with you – someone with impeccable style and who will be honest with you when you ask, “how do I look?” when you are trying romantic wedding dresses.

Wedding Dress Fitting Tips

Here are some tips that will help your wedding dress fitting to go more smoothly:
• Always wear the lingerie that you plan to wear on your wedding day at the fitting. If you wear a different bra for the alterations, this can cause your dress not to fit properly.
• Take a close look at the way that the fabric falls and whether or not it looks well put together. If there are any bulges, puckering or other issues you should point this out to the seamstress.
• Only bring one or two of your closest friends or family to the fitting with you. Having too many opinions can make it difficult to make your selection, so don’t bring a whole crowd along with you.
• Ask the sales consultant to recommend a dress that will suit your body type. She is an expert in wedding dresses and might just be able to help you find the perfect gown – whether you are looking for simple beach wedding dresses or something more ornate.

When to Schedule Your Wedding Dress Fitting?

It is important to schedule your wedding dress fitting well in advance, especially if you are having complex wedding dress alterations completed. It can sometimes take 4-6 months for a seamstress to create the details of a very complex custom gown, so make sure that you start hunting for your dress at least 9 months in advance. Also, it is important to schedule your wedding dress fitting at the same time in your monthly cycle that your wedding will be. A woman’s shape naturally changes throughout her cycle and you might find that the dress fits you differently. Make sure that you call to book your fitting well in advance, as bridal shops can get very busy.