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Upcoming Wedding Dress Trends of 2014

So what are some of the current trends in wedding dress design that you should be aware of when choosing your dress? Here are a few of the styles of wedding dresses 2014 has to offer: Lace

One of the hottest current trends at the moment is lace wedding dresses, which have a very feminine and vintage look to them. Many brides in 2014 have opted for dresses that have lace sleeves, a lace neckline or lace detailing along the back. If you choose a lace wedding dress, make sure that you are very gentle with it as this materials is delicate and prone to snags.

Swarovski Crystals

For brides who want a little bit of glitz and glamour with their wedding dress, gown embellished with sparkling Swarovski Crystals are common. These glimmering stones catch the light in just the right way, making the bride shine bright like a diamond. However, make sure that you only use them for a subtle accent and don’t go too overboard – you don’t want to look like a human disco ball.

Pastel Gowns

Another common trend in 2014 is that brides are choosing pastel tones rather than plain white gowns. Colours such as robin’s egg blue, blush pink, cream, pale lavender and even pale mint green are being seen in wedding gown designs.

Body Hugging Styles

Brides are looking for gowns that will hug their curves and show off their shape, such as a form fitting mermaid style gown or a sleek column dress. If you choose one of these figure-hugging styles it is important to make sure that you have excellent support undergarments to keep everything in the right place and avoid bulges and bumps. These are just a few of the hottest wedding dress trends of 2014, so why not look for a dream wedding dress that is on trend with these current fashions?