Your big day has finally come and now it’s time to wear the gorgeous dress that you have chosen! Getting dressed for you wedding day is not an easy task, because wearing an enormous ball gown requires some extra help. Here are some tips for getting dressed, with a little help.

Tips for Getting Dressed On Your Wedding Day

Getting dressed for your wedding, even in modern wedding dresses is not a one-person job – you will need your bridesmaids, your mother, your sister or another assistant to help you get into your dress and move around. Here are some tips to keep in mind when getting dressed on your wedding day:
• Use a clean white sheet that you can lay your dress on, so that it doesn’t get marked or dirty. Also, if you need to apply makeup or eat while wearing the dress, wear a clean white towel around your neck to cover it.
• Have your mom or your bridesmaid hold the dress open, so that you can carefully step into it one leg at a time. If you have a gown that you need to slip over your head, wear a scarf over your face to prevent makeup smudges.
• Many lace wedding dresses have very delicate material, so be extra gentle when putting them on.
• You might also need someone to put your shoes on for you, one at a time, because sitting down and bending over in your skirt can be very difficult.
• Ask your helpers to examine the gown from all angles to make sure that every button has been secured and all of the fabric is lying smoothly.
• You will also need someone to bustle your train for you and make sure that all of the fabric is even and flowing nicely behind you.
• Going to the toilet during your big day can be a challenge, so bring a friend with you who can help you hold up your skirt.

Other Preparations to Make On Your Wedding Day

There are of course, a few other preparations that you will need to make at the last minute on your special day. First of all, call all of your vendors and confirm with them, so that you can check that everything is good to go. Also, when you give your vendors their final payments you should ask for a receipt, so that you have proof of who has been paid. It is also a good idea to bring some cash to the wedding so that you can leave a tip to one of your vendors who has done a really good job and gone above and beyond the call of duty. If you will be heading off on your honeymoon, you can pack your bags well in advance of the wedding. Then, this is one less thing that you have to worry about in your post-wedding exhaustion. Also, on your special day you should have a chat with your photographer so that you can let him know which people you want to make sure that you have photographs of.