There are so many different wedding gowns out there to choose from and if you have already tried on a few, you might be wondering why some styles look better on you than others. The truth is that different styles of dress are better suited to different body types and work to flatter your natural shape. So how can you choose the right dress for your figure?

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How to Find the Best Wedding Gown For Your Body Shape

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a dress that flatters your body type:
• If you are pear shaped, which means that your hips are wider than your bust, try on an A-line wedding gown. It will hug your upper body tightly and then flare out into a flattering skirt. This is one of the most popular styles because it is so flattering.
• If you have an hourglass shape, which means curvy bust and hips and a slim waist, you would look stunning in a mermaid style gown which clings to your curves and then flares out at the knee.
• An empire-waisted gown will emphasize your bust while hiding your tummy and hips.
• If you are self-conscious about your tummy, consider wearing shape wear or a corset under your gown to help keep things in place.
• If you have a small bust, choose a gown with a lot of detail and embellishment around the neckline to give the illusion of bulk. Also, you might want to invest in a high quality bra with great support, to give you a little lift.
• Don’t wear an overly “poufy” gown if you are short and petite – or you will end up getting swallowed up by it. Scale down the poufy skirt to something that moves with you.
• Girls with a very large bust will need to choose a gown with plenty of support. A strapless gown can become indecent very quickly if it decides to slide down and reveal more cleavage.

The main idea is to think about your body type and identify your best feature, so that you can show it off with your gown. For example, if you love your slim and toned back you can show it off with a backless dress, or you can show off your long legs by wearing a shorter knee length dress. Take the time to try on a few different romantic wedding dresses until you find the one that flatters your particular body shape.