On your wedding day you want to look extra special and one way to add some glamour to your look is to wear a beautiful wedding hair accessory. Your hair will be beautiful on its own, but by adding a little bit of decoration you will make it even more stunning.

Of course, before you choose your wedding hair accessory, you will need to decide on your wedding hairstyle. Will you be wearing your hair up or down? Will it be pulled back or swept to one side? Also, you should think about your type of hair – thicker and longer hair will suit heavier and larger hair accessories while short hair or fine hair will work better with dainty accessories.

Headpiece Ideas to Go With Your Wedding Dress

There are many different types of headpieces that you could consider wearing with your dress. Let’s take a look at a few of them:
• Headbands – This is a very romantic look that works well whether your hair is up or down. A headband can be simple or it can be decorated with crystals, pearls or other details. Try it with a lace wedding dress for a feminine vintage look.
• Decorative Hair Combs – This type of accessory works well with an updo and can add a little bit of sparkle to your hairstyle. Also, a decorative hair comb is sometimes used to hold the veil.
• Tiara – If you really want to feel like a gorgeous princess on your wedding day you should wear a tiara. This beautiful accessory works well whether your hair is up or down and there are many different styles and shapes to choose from.
• Hair Pins – If you want to have a subtle bit of sparkle added to your style, you can place a hair pin or two in your updo. They can be worn in many different ways and they can be decorated with beads, feathers, crystals and much more.
• Floral Wreath – If you are going for a laid back Bohemian bride look, a beautiful wreath of flowers around your head will be the best choice.

These are just a few of the options for hair accessories, but of course there are many more ideas out there to choose from.

Tips for Choosing Your Hair Accessory

When you are shopping for a wedding hair accessory, make sure that you try it on and view it from all angles. You might even want a friend to snap a photo from behind with their phone, so that you can see what the rear view will look like. Also, it is important to consider the hue of the accessory and whether or not it complements your gown and the other jewellery that you are wearing. For example, if everything else is silver then a gold headband will look out of place and distract from even the best wedding dresses. Remember, your wedding headpiece should complement your gown rather than compete with it, so make sure that it works together in perfect harmony with the rest of your look.