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Quality is something that you can not only see, but feel. At Clements & Porter, our team of craftsmen strive to make attire that is built to the highest garment standards, ensuring long-lasting beauty and comfort. Nothing can ruin your wedding or special day more than discomfort (or worse, a wardrobe malfunction), so we utilize only the finest materials and procedures to craft a flawless product.

Our Materials

At Clements & Porter, our dressmakers work with only the highest quality materials and fabrics. They are beautiful to the eye, shine in the light, and are smooth and comfortable to the touch. Our fabrics include the finest Satin, Chiffon, Taffeta, Organza, Matte Satin, Elastic Woven Satin, and Silk-like-Satin.


Fine Fabrics

Poor quality fabrics are light, wrinkle easily, and have lackluster gloss. At Clements & Porter, we use 395 Taiwan or 4810 Satin, which are 30-3 grams heavier per square meter than average satins, have a natural glossy shine, stay smooth to the touch, and are easy to wash or iron.



The beauty of a wedding dress or evening gown is in its details. Clements & Porter's embroidery, sequins and beadwork are hand-sewn for a classic, intricate look that shines brilliantly in the light.

Our Craftsmanship

Our talented dressmakers work tirelessly to deliver your dream dress just as you have pictured it. From the interior construction and lining to the beads and embellishments, they pay close attention and care to ensure no stitch is out of place.


Fine Sewing

Poor stitching bunches, rips, and lays wrinkled when worn. Clements & Porter uses only the finest threads to create strong stitching that is seamless and secure.


Boning & Lining

Boning, or "Corsetry," is what supports the shape of your dress and prevents wrinkling. Without these "bones," dresses fall flat and are scratchy and uncomfortable to the touch. Clements & Porter uses approximately 14 bones, depending on each of its dresses, to ensure the garment holds its shape. Bones are expertly placed and capped to prevent puncturing through the lining and secure the curves of the dress.We also use Hard Net Lining that further helps secure the shape of your dress, without feeling restricting and eliminating the need for a petticoat.


Interior Construction Built for Comfort

Wedding dresses with poor interior stitching and construction are uncomfortable against the skin and can result in an overall poor external appearance. Clements & Porter's skilled craftsmen strive for tidy seams that are comfortable to the touch and secure.


Built-In Bras

At Clements & Porter, we know that comfort is key when it comes to a wedding dress or evening gown. For any woman, an important feature of this is the inclusion of a built-in bra. Dresses with poor or no built-in bra may result in movement when worn, in turn affecting the shape of your dress as well as your comfort. At Clements & Porter, our dresses have built-in bras that offer support, comfort, and enhance the shape of your gown during long wear.