Your wedding dress will be one of the most beautiful and expensive items of clothing you will ever own, so what will happen to it after the wedding? Some brides will preserve their dress, some will “trash” it in a photo shoot and others will keep it so that they can wear it again at another function. What will happen to your dress when you say “I Do”.

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Things You Can Do With Your Wedding Dress after the Wedding

Here are some ideas of what you could do with your wedding dress after the wedding:

  • Sell It – You can recoup some of your investment by selling your wedding dress privately or with a consignment store. Selling privately will get you more money, but using a consignment store will be less work – so choose the option that works for you.
  • Trash It – A trash the dress photo shoot is when you get photos taken of you in your dress doing ridiculous things, such as swimming, playing in the mud or playing on the beach. It makes for some truly gorgeous photos!
  • Donate It – You could also consider giving your dress away to a bride who can’t afford her own. There are many charities that accept donated romantic wedding dresses.
  • Reuse It – Perhaps you could alter the dress, taking off some of the embellishments so that it is a simple gown that you can wear to a party – or maybe you want to have the dress made into a quilt so that you can snuggle up with memories of your wedding day.
  • Store It – There are special dress storage boxes with acid free paper that will keep your dress protected and in great condition for many decades. Why not store it, so that you can show it to your grandchildren?

Why Not Consider Wearing Your Wedding Dress Again?

When you spend so much time, energy and money on a beautiful dress, it seems a shame only to wear it once. Is there are opportunity where you could wear your wedding dress again?

A new trend is for women to host “wear your wedding dress again” parties, which give them an excuse to pull the gown out of the closet and wear it one more time. If you have opted for a wedding dress that isn’t very traditional, such as a gown that isn’t white or a shorter gown rather than one with a long train, you might be able to wear it to parties and formal occasions.

It is even possible to dye your wedding dress a different colour, so it looks less like a wedding dress and more like a beautiful gown.