Your wedding dress is a very special garment and if you want to store it for the future, there are many important steps that you need to take in order to make it last as long as possible. If your dress is not cleaned and stored properly, it can be damaged, yellowed and faded when you take it out several years from now to show your grandchildren.

How to Care For Your Wedding Dress

When you store your wedding dress, it should be protected from the light – which is why it should not be placed in a box with a see-through window. Also, the box should be protected from dust and insects. The box should be as large as possible, to reduce the amount of folds that are required in the garment.

Ways to Clean Your Wedding Dress

Immediately after your wedding, you should bring your gown to a professional cleaner so that they can remove any stains, grease and markings from the dress. Also, this will remove the perspiration so that it will not damage the delicate texture of the dress.

It is important to choose a cleaner who has experience with wedding dresses, so that they know how to be careful with the delicate details of your gown such as the chiffon, silk and beading. Keep in mind that many cleaners will send out their dry cleaning to wholesale cleaners, where your gown might be washed in an enormous machine with 30 other gowns. This can cause damage and can also cause your gown to be contaminated with dirt from other gowns.

Also, let your cleaner know if there are any areas of loose stitching, special stains or other points that they need to be aware of. You might want to even consider opting for a wet-cleaning. This is when the gown is cleaned with only water and this can be the best way to clean off food stains and the dirty hem of the dress. Once the dress has been rinsed, there will be no chemical residue which will help to keep the dress in good condition.

It is also possible to clean your dress yourself if you want to save some money, but only if you are prepared to be patient and make sure that you do it right. You can soak the dress in a clean bath tub and then use a white sock soaked with water and detergent to scrub the hem. If you have a lace wedding dress be very careful of this delicate material. Examine the entire dress to make sure you have removed all of the dirt, then rinse it thoroughly and hang it to dry.

Take care of your dress well and you will be able to enjoy this beautiful garment for many years to come.