For many teens, prom is one of the most important events to attend during high school for a memorable night spent on the dancefloor with friends. For girls, the most important part of the event is the style of the dress that they'll choose to wear. Whether opting for ballgown or choosing a sleek silhouette, there are several new styles for the year that embrace the latest trends and still celebrate being young.

1. One-Shoulder Dresses

One-shoulder dresses offer a fun look that is dramatic with the single strap on the shoulder. Girls can feel comfortable dancing without feeling restricted with too much fabric.

2. Cut Outs

One of the latest trends for prom dresses are cut out details that show small amounts of skin around the waist or on the legs with high slits. The dresses still offer a fair amount of coverage for a look that is modern and mature.

3. Patterned Dresses

Geometric shapes are currently being incorporated in the latest dress styles for a trendy look that is edgy for the event. The style is best used on short strapless dresses for a look that will complement every curve.

4. Fairytale Silhouettes

More teens are opting for a whimsical look for their prom night for a chance to feel like a modern day princess. This type of dress includes a mermaid style or ball gown for a dramatic look that will make for a magical night.

5. Peplum Dresses

Peplum dresses are fun for the embellishment that is used on the waist for a hip-hugging style that offers a dramatic focal point. The look is best worn on those with boyish or lean figures.

6. Bold Prints

With vintage details coming back in style, more girls are choosing prom dresses that use bold prints. Between floral to chevron patterns, many of the elegant styles available use dramatic prints that enhance the appearance and make it difficult to go unnoticed.

7. Animal Print Dresses

For an exotic look on the dancefloor, animal print dresses are unique and stand out in the warmer weather. Whether opting for leopard print or zebra styles, there are several colors and sequins that can be incorporated into the look for a formal appearance.

8. Crop Top Prom Dresses

Crop tops have made their way back onto the runway and are even being incorporated into the latest prom dress styles for Vogue Season. The look is hip and a nod to the '90s for a girly style that shows a minimal amount of skin.

9. Sheer Skirts

Sheer skirts add a feminine element to prom dresses and make it easy to cover up without feeling restricted. The skirts are playful and can feature lace details or patterns to dress up the attire.

10. Metallic Fabrics

Dresses that use metallic fabrics offer a bold look for girls who want to make an entrance at their high school prom. Known as one of the most popular styles for Vogue prom dresses, it's a refreshing trend that is here to stay.