When shopping for beautiful wedding dresses, the styles of your sleeves and trains are as important as any other aspect of your dress – if not the most important aspect. Depending on what type of bride you are or whether you are having a specifically-themed wedding, you may be looking for a particular style of sleeve and train. The following guide will explain both sleeve styles and train styles in order to help you determine which type suits you best.

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Sleeve Styles


Sleeveless gowns are very popular in the world of bridal fashion. This style is perfect for women seeking beach wedding dresses, as well as for brides having less traditionally themed weddings. Sleeveless gowns are perfect for women who dare to show a little more skin and work well with all body types.

Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti strap sleeves are two, very thin lines of fabric that carry the weight of the bridal gown – in addition to boning within the corset of the dress. This style is perfect for women who want to bare skin on their big day but would feel more comfortable with slight modesty. This style is also perfect for the beach, as it will give brides extra support.

Cap Sleeved

Capped sleeves come down the arm anywhere from an inch to three inches on average. This sleeve style is traditional and is perfect for brides who are having church weddings or who want to achieve a more sophisticated, elegant style. It is also perfect for brides having outdoor or beach weddings, as the added support of the sleeve relieves any slippage worries.

Flutter Sleeves

Flutter sleeves are whimsical and perfect for the bride who is a child at heart. These sleeves are typically sheer and sometimes poof out like a princess' gown. This sleeve style is best suited for outdoor weddings and looks great on all body types.

Sleeves with Length

Sleeves with length are just that – sleeves that cover the length or a portion of the length of your arm. Sleeve lengths can vary anywhere from three quarters of the way down your arm to extending down to your wrist. This style is perfect for brides holding large, conservative weddings as well as for brides who wish to conceal their tattoos during the big day, and for brides having indoor, winter weddings.

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Train Styles


This train is very short. It gets its name from the way it lightly "brushes" the grown behind the bride as she walks.


This train extends three feet behind the bride's waist. It is perfect for outdoor and beach weddings.


This train extends five feet behind the bride's waist. It is more elegant than the brush or court train styles but still has a degree of modesty to it.


This train extends seven feet behind the bride's waist. It is incredibly sophisticated and is perfect for church weddings.


This train extends ten feet behind the bride's waist and is the most grandeur of all trains. These trains look beautiful with Vogue Season’s wedding dresses. It is best to find one that is detachable if you are having a reception after the wedding.


This train attaches to the back of the bride's gown at the top. It is typically is light piece of fabric that is whimsical and perfect for beach and outdoor weddings.

After you have determined the type of sleeve and train style you are most drawn to, it is time to find your gown. Remember to never settle. Often times, the retailer you purchase your dress from will be more than happy to customize it to your liking. Otherwise, tailors and seamstresses are always readily available to make your custom gown dreams come true.