Whether you can wash your wedding dress or not, the circumstance depends on a number of variables, many of which are unknowable. The first and most important variable is the type of fabric used. Assuming we are talking about the typical traditional gown, complete with train, veil, and decorations of various styles, remember that these additions may be delicate. As you examine your gown for fabric contents, bear in mind that many wedding dresses are made of several different fabrics and some may be washable while others are not.

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If your dress is commercially made, check the tag. Many gowns will say “Dry clean only” as a protection for the manufacturer. On further examination, you may find that it’s not the case. If your gown is constructed of a man made fabric such as polyester, washable in other garments, it probably is. If the gown is a simply elegant, polyester fabric without such embellishments as beads, sequins and lace, you are likely to be able to wash it quite easily. Bear in mind that polyester fabric may not iron well and some wrinkles may be there permanently. To find out, locate a small, concealed piece, press with a warm iron and protective damp cloth. If there are no damages, the dress is like to look as pristine and lovely after washing as when you bought it. If your dress is beaded or sequined, have replacement pieces and threads ready for making repairs. Check the lace fabric if it shrinks, a shrunken lace overlay creates puckers underneath.

Luxury wedding dresses may be made of more exotic fabrics. Silk is a strong fiber and may be washable. Some velvet is washable. If they are, follow the manufacturer’s instructions religiously to avoid damage. Again, the dress may be washable while the decorative additions are not.

Online wedding dresses should be purchased with the same care and investigation as you would use when purchasing locally. If you cannot physically examine the dress, question the seller as to fabric, quality of construction, and washability. Ask about additions to the structure, whether extra beads, sequins or buttons are included, and whether you may see a sample piece of material before purchasing. Better than all of the above, know the seller’s reputation and dependability. It is recommended that you buy from an established seller, like Vogue Season, who is known to warrant that their products are as described.

If you buy from wedding dress shops, speak to the shopkeeper. Salespersons may or may not be knowledgeable. Find out if the dress is guaranteed to wash well, or if you’ll be taking your chances. Find out if the dress has removable parts that require different care procedures. If you are not certain that your wash machine will be entirely safe for your dress, either hand wash it or tie it in a bag for protection. Do not use chlorine bleach. Bleach discolors polyester and may discolor silk or velvet. Do not attempt to iron rayon. Leave that to a professional.