Looking at wedding magazines and browsing the internet for inspiration are the most exciting parts when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, but many of the ideas may be above a bride's price range. Fortunately, you can use the popular designers and hot trends of 2014 to come up with elegant, glamorous ideas that will work on a budget so that brides and bridesmaids can look fabulous without spending a fortune.

Search for whimsical, floral options

Marchesa's Fall 2014 wedding collection uses staples of wedding dress fashion like lace and tulle to invent delicate, enchanting gowns that look straight out of a fairytale. The dresses also stand out because of handmade floral embellishments that add a romantic, eye-catching element to the dresses. You can search for simple dresses and have a seamstress add glamor with handmade or purchased flowers.

Perfect In Pink

Brides who want something a little out of the ordinary should look to Vera Wang's pink wedding dresses. These dresses are still full-bodied, feminine and classical, but the color gives them a unique twist. Most dresses found in wedding stores are white, but there are usually some available in other colors. Brides that want a little color could dye a sash pink or wear pink shoes, and brides that want to wear traditional white can still get a pop of pink with the bridesmaid dresses.

Short And Sweet

Those with petite figures can become lost in a big dress, and brides with energetic or flirty personalities might not want to be in trapped in layers of fabric. Short wedding dresses are perfect for many brides and are especially in style this year. The designs range from simple to elaborate and allow brides to move and mingle. Longer dresses for the bridesmaid will provide contrast and let the bride stand out.

Sleeves Are Back

Modern brides sometimes consider sleeves a relic of the past, but delicate lace sleeves can help accent a gown and frame the whole outfit. Carolina Herrea offers short, sheer sleeves and elaborate detailing on longer sleeves that still looks contemporary and fashionable. You can cover your shoulders and save money by shopping separately for a cape or shawl to complete an ensemble.

Little Bit Of Everything

While many designers have selected one of 2014's wedding dress trends and capitalized on it, Ellie Saab might be the trendsetter. The pieces in his collection each seem to embody many of the fashionable styles for the year. His couture designs feature pinks, floral add-ons, sheer material and pockets. This lovely blue gown uses sheer fabric with a flower pattern on top and is further enhanced by the cape like veil and pockets, and his blue dresses will probably be the inspiration that leads to many more blue bridal outfits this year.

Budget friendly wedding dresses and affordable bridesmaid dresses can look just as luxurious and beautiful as high-priced items. Find the best styles by paying attention to trends and looking for outfits similar to pieces from the top designers, online wedding dress shops like Vogue Season has them.