When it comes to weddings today, there are so many different kinds of dresses on the market. Of course with each of these gown styles, there are lots of pros and cons to consider. This is especially true when it comes to strapless dresses. When the perfect strapless dress is found, you will end up looking stunning. If not, it will leave your body looking less than flattering.

Look For an Hourglass Shape

When it comes to the different types of strapless dresses offered today, you want to find one that has an hourglass shape. That is because if you end up with anything that is too baggy or even square, your body will end up looking frumpy, which is the last thing you want. However, with an hourglass shaped dress that has the proper cut and fit, you will look stunning. Besides this, if you are a petite woman, a short strapless dress that lands above the knees will be the most flattering. For taller women, long strapless dresses are a better choice, since they will leave you looking both tall and classy.

Pick a Dress That Properly Fits Your Bust Line

One of the main criteria when deciding if a strapless dress is the way to go for your wedding is how the dress will ultimately look based on your bust line. If you opt for a strapless number, you want one that will fit your bust line well. The top of the gown should be a bit tight and form-fitting, while showing off exactly what you're working with. However, you don't want to be bursting out of you dress. Remember, there are always plus size wedding dresses on the market to help with this issue. Other than this, the bottom of the dress should definitely be looser than the top. That's why if you are someone who has a large chest, you should consider on buying a strapless dress with a ruffle on the top so you don't show off too much skin.

Wear a Strapless Bra

If you end up choosing a strapless dress, you do not want your underwear to be visible. That's exactly why you should wear properly fitting underwear for this ensemble, with of course a strapless bra. For those that don't own a strapless bra or want a little more coverage, a convertible bra will work too and give plenty of support. Also, since strapless gowns tend to be fitted beginning from the bust to the waist, you should wear a body skimmer with it. As you can see at Vogue Season, shapewear gives your body a slimmer look. Without that skimmer, your body will not look as put together, as your imperfections will shine through.

Don't Overdo the Accessories

The whole point of a strapless gown is to flaunt your shoulders and neck so that's why you don't want to wear too many accessories on your big day. Instead, opt for a few simple pieces that will not take any attention away from your beautiful dress. In fact, a pair of chandelier earrings, a cuff and a pearl necklace will be more than enough here to show off your body. Keep in mind, if you wear too many pieces of jewelry, it will be distracting, leaving you with a look that you won't want. Also, high heels look fantastic with a short strapless dress, while lower heels work best for a long strapless dress.

When it comes to your strapless dress, there is a thin line on what will leave you looking your best and what will ultimately come across as a mess. If you pair your gown with the right accessories and pick a cut and fit that works well for your body, you will look sensational. However, if you don't, this is a mistake that you'll wish you could go back in time and change.

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