When guests attend weddings, there is always plenty of anticipation that comes with the moment that the bride makes her entrance when walking down the aisle. Although this is one of the key moments of the event, another highlight is when the flower girl is seen throwing petals before the bride arrives. It's important to find the perfect dress for your flower girl, as there are a few ideas to consider for choices that make for an elegant and feminine look.

Once you begin your search for the right flower girl dress, you should first consider the silhouette that you prefer. Most people want a dress that features a full skirt for a dramatic look that enhances the youthfulness of the child. Tulle and satin are often used to enhance the volume of the dress with plenty of layers, which often looks similar to a tutu. Others often choose an a-line dress for a frilly, but subtle style that is still elegant. Some dresses also feature ruffles from the torso to the skirt, which has less volume, but plenty of dimension and detail to create a formal look.

flower girl dress

Most people choose pastel shades for the flower girl dress and add accented colors for more detail. Opt for using a ribbon around the waist, which will break up the dress and create a pop of color, which is also something to consider when looking for affordable bridesmaid dresses that may lack details. You can also choose to pin a few pink rosettes near the neckline for a girly addition that is unique. Avoid an overload of neutral colors or dark shades, which can detract from the style and may not look age-appropriate. Color can also be added with accessories, whether the flower girl wears a floral headpiece or is accessorized with a pink pearl necklace. The accessories can work to enhance the look without having to alter the elegance of the dress.

When choosing the material of the flower girl dress, opt for something that is comfortable to wear throughout the day and even in the heat for those with summer weddings. Depending on your budget, silk or satin is smooth and subtle on even the most sensitive skin types. Be careful of using too much tulle on a skirt, which can become itchy and prevent ventilation throughout the event. The fabric should also stay wrinkle-free throughout the day, which is something to also consider when you shop for wedding dresses online - speaking of wedding dresses online, be sure to check out Vogue Season, one of today’s most popular choices - With summer weddings, it's important to choose a flower girl dress that doesn't isn't overly heavy and offers plenty of mobility for the child.

For all ages of flower girls, dresses that extend to the knee or to the ankles are an ideal option, as it allows the child to comfortably walk down the aisle. Consider the season when choosing a length, even when looking for discount bridesmaid dresses, as tights should be worn with shorter styles in colder weather. Sleeves or a formal jacket can also be added for weddings that are held in the fall or winter seasons.